Lighting in a connected world

LynX® lifeline is a unique and advanced light management system that controls lighting, automatically switches on and off and dims at set times or in certain situations.

We create LED lines that are both pending and flush and can be installed surface mounted.

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Discover the LynX® lifeline components


Conceptual design

Every environment is unique and has specific lighting needs. LynX® lifeline can be seamlessly integrated into every design; it is easy to install and can be configured in an instant.

Thanks to its modular character, you can organise both small and large spaces austerely or creatively.

cutting-edge technology inside

Product details

LynX® lifeline has a minimalist design and, at first sight, looks like comparable modern lighting fixtures. Inside, however, it is chock-full of amazing cutting-edge technology. The result is an elegant design, with infinitely many light communication possibilities.

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Metal case

A sturdy, anodised aluminium case with powder paint coating (RAL 9005 mat, fine grain) offers optimal protection and minimalist design.

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Fastening system

Includes stainless steel fastening system, with magnets suitable for both a pending (hanging) and flush mounted (built-in) and surface mounted (built-out) installation.

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Diffuser (cover)

Mat acrylic glass (47 mm) diffuser on a roll of 25 m for a uniform distribution of the produced light. Cut to size and ´easy click´ onto the metal case.

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LED line

16 LEDs per metre, 108 white and 108 RGB. Controlled individually or by group, in both colour and intensity.

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WiFi/Bluetooth antenna

Bluetooth 4.2 BR EDR BLE, in order to accurately locate objects and people. WiFi radio: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, which receives commands wirelessly and converts them into functional light.

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Lifeline driver

Receives the commands via WiFi or Bluetooth, communicates with lifeline controller and addresses the individual or grouped LEDs.

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DALI-compliant: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface is an open digital standard that is used worldwide for the control of lighting.

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Power/emergency battery

Interlink power supply between the LEDs 220 V/60 W (max 30 W/m) with optional replaceable LiPo battery (2200 mAh, 14.8 V) in accordance with European application standard NBN-EN 1838.Bluetooth antenna.


According to the strictest standards

Our software-controlled light line meets the highest requirements and standardisation (NBN-EN 12464-1 lighting of indoor work places), for an optimal light quality in daily living and professional working environments.

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technical data

LED specifications

Light source type
Light output
2888 lm/m (no cover)

2100 lm/m (cover type 1)
Adjustable brightness
0 to 100% in steps of 0.5
Glare index (UGR)
Table available in digital file
Colour temperature white LEDs
4000 K
Efficiency white LEDs
106 lm/w
Radiation angle LEDs
White: 120°

RGB: 110°
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
83 (white)
Lifetime white LEDs
50,000 hours (L70 standard)
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