Effective in 6 areas

We take light for granted. Sunrise, sunset. Switch on, switch off. But the truth is, light influences us greatly. Our mood. Our health. Our communication. We make sure you make the most of it. Let it guide you.

Every environment is unique and has specific lighting needs. We create light that is tailored to the person, environment and moment.

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Oplossing Communicatie

Communicate in the language of light

Communicate easily and clearly with colours in the lighting. Such as the status display for objects, zones and rooms.

Via colours in the lighting you make it clear at a glance where a possibly threatening situation has arisen, or where you have to be. Easily convey messages to people with a hearing impairment, such as an incoming telephone or intercom call.

route guidance

Navigate intuitively through complex buildings

The dynamic character of LynX® lifeline makes it possible to create walking lines in the lighting. Think, for example, of evacuation routes or crowd management.

Within complex buildings like hospitals or production halls, you often have to be able to move efficiently from point A to point B. For example, during an emergency intervention or a fire evacuation. Thanks to predefined, intelligent walking lines in the lighting you intuitively follow the most efficient route.

Oplossing Routebegeleiding
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Precise localisation of people and objects: indoor

Locate people and objects within a complex building, thanks to the Bluetooth beacons in the lighting. Accurate up to 2 metres.

In emergency situations, it is often important to know exactly where someone is located. In this way you can immediately ask the nearest colleague or in-house first-aid responder to intervene, and the assistance arrives on site more quickly. But you can do more with indoor localisation. For example, the effective organisation of (valuable) goods flows or business processes.

emergency lighting

Better light output in case of power outages

No separate emergency lighting, thanks to the replaceable LiPo battery every 2 m, in accordance with European application standard NBN-EN 1838.

This standard contains a number of technical lighting rules that emergency lighting in buildings must satisfy. The objective of the standard is to establish clear starting points for emergency lighting installations. By combining these with additional rules from your own country, we can design and install a high-quality, large-scale installation.

Oplossing Noodverlichting
Oplossing Mood
mood lighting

What does light do with our body and well-being?

Create atmosphere or circadian rhythm via the lighting. Light tailored to the person, space and moment.

Light influences many aspects of our well-being: mood, sleep and productivity. It is the light that controls the natural daily rhythm within us. So we can improve that daily rhythm by adapting the lighting to the position of the sun, and the intensity and colour of the sunlight.

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