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Communicate effectively via connected lighting

LynX® lifeline is a unique and advanced light management system that controls lighting, automatically switches on and off and dims at set times or in certain situations. Connected lighting, tailored to your organisation.


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LynX® ecosystem

Our solution

Effective in 5 areas


Communicate clearly with colours in the existing lighting. For example, the status display for objects, zones and rooms.

Oplossing Communicatie
Route guidance

Create walking lines in the lighting, thanks to its dynamic character. For example, evacuation routes or crowd management.

Oplossing Routebegeleiding

Locate people and objects indoors, thanks to Bluetooth in the lighting. Recognise wandering behaviour or organise a more efficient flow of goods.

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Emergency lighting

No separate emergency lighting circuits, thanks to the replaceable LiPo battery every 2m in accordance with European application standard NBN-EN 1838.

Oplossing Noodverlichting
Mood lighting

Light tailored to the person, environment and moment. Imitate a sleep-wake rhythm or create a unique atmosphere on the work floor.

Oplossing Mood
Oplossing CommunicatieOplossing RoutebegeleidingJose martin ramirez carrasco yh N Vws KT Sa I unsplashOplossing NoodverlichtingOplossing Mood
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the product

Minimalist design, amazing technology

Minimalist and austere on the outside. Chock-full of amazing, cutting-edge technology on the inside. LynX® lifeline controls the colour and intensity of each LED, individually or by group, via wirelessly transmitted commands.

The result is an elegant design, with infinitely many light communication possibilities.

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for whom

Built for a wide range of applications

Healthcare & government

From hospitals to municipal administrations. In common spaces, hallways or on the room level. We develop numerous specific scenarios for the healthcare sector.

Markten Healthcare government
Industry & offices

Modern office buildings and industrial halls. Controlled from a single user interface, mobile or on desktop.

Markten Industry offices
Hospitality & leisure

Light in situations where large groups of people gather. Convey complex messages quickly and easily.

Markten Hospitality leisure
Entertainment & sports

Stage lighting synched to the rhythm of music or movement. Communicate via light during intense sports experiences.

Markten Entertainment sports
Retail & barbershops

Lively lighting for smaller-scale commercial spaces, where you want to create atmosphere via a user-friendly app.

Markten Retail barbershops
Markten Healthcare governmentMarkten Industry officesMarkten Hospitality leisureMarkten Entertainment sportsMarkten Retail barbershops
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Spotlight: Dementia-friendly living

LynX® lifeline shows you the way

People with dementia can feel uncertain and lost in a new environment, such as a residential care centre. They are completely lost in a place they don´t recognise, and often engage in wandering and runaway behaviour. Thanks to our smart lighting, which communicates with their armband via Bluetooth, we can precisely locate them and steer them back intuitively onto the right path.

We can put extra light in safe zones, such as the nursing station or living space, and subtly dim zones that should be avoided, such as the kitchen or exit. We restore their feeling of calm.

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